Matt (mattmatt) wrote in hogwartsandall,

Comic: Something Wicked

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That is hysterical. :)
LMAO!! That's absolutely fantastic.

...not that it mirrors my friend and I at all or anything...
BWAH! Came in via daily_snitch. LOVE THIS! Poor Sirius, man.
Here via daily_snitch. Verra funny. *applauds and giggles while pitying Sirius simultaneously*
Heehee, he's running like an Egyptian.
I adore your icon. -hearts- ^_^
*heart* Love yours too. Helps that it has the two boys from my current OTP.
Here via DS.

This is the best one yet... probably because I'm a rabid Sirius and Gary Oldman fan. I love it. Good job :)
You did such a good job! And so funny!!!!!!!
OMFG *dieeeeeeees*

I wub you! *glomps*

hehehe...naked Sirius. I'm so damned happy. *squeals*

>.>;; is it wrong I would do that? Probably.
Okay, just me or Shrieking Shack?