Matt (mattmatt) wrote in hogwartsandall,

Comic: Form Period, Part 2

A fairly simple gag that sprang readily to mind once yesterday's comic was written; nevertheless, you all asked for it.

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You rock!
And thanks to sarcaustik for directing me here.
Woo! Hee hee hee I am enjoying these very much.
LMAO, I hate bees too!
Snape is my one true love. Also, I love revisited jokes :D Very funny, and made me crack up even though my head hurts.

Go New Zealand *waves little flag*
:D :D :D
To be silly, I like the thought it's almost like a floating head.

Then there's the bees, and that just nails it.
Mwahahahh you're brilliant. That was a perfect Snape.
*laughs* Awesome!
*falls off chair because she was laughing so hard*
LOL!! >

Deleted comment

Certainly, although the last panel in the earlier Snape vs. Bees comic would probably suit better. There is a smoking, dead bee in the ink well. Alternatively, if you like, I could make one for you that frames better at small sizes. I daresay others would like a copy.

Deleted comment

Bwahahaha! So great!