Matt (mattmatt) wrote in hogwartsandall,

Merely the beginning

As I noted in my journal earlier, I've got a bunch of comics in the wings (including some of your requests!), but I've had to force myself to take some time out from the computer this weekend. Working 42 hours a week at the keyboard (and it is mostly the keyboard these days), means I have to try and limit the amount of time I spend on the computer at home, and my tendons have been complaining at me quite a bit lately.

Having said that, of course I'll keep going as long as I'm still enjoying it (after all, I'm not even in double figures yet). I suppose I can commit myself to at least one a week, since they're nowhere near as time-consuming as the comics I used to do on a weekly basis; if you're lucky (and I'm feeling inspired!), it will certainly be more.

Also, this comic has quadrupled its registered readers in three or four days! Hello and thank you to all of you. I promise I'll update as soon as I can.

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